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Mr. Manalisay

I joined BSA Troop 97 in 2018 when our grandson, Dylan O, joined the troop. Dylan chose Troop 97 due to the friendliness of the scouts and the welcoming nature of the Scoutmaster at the time, Mr. Mason. I had not been involved in Scouting prior to that. I began going on Scout outings and found that I really enjoyed them. One thing led to another and the next thing I know I was taking the training and became an Assistant Scoutmaster and then Scoutmaster. I have been Scoutmaster since January 2021. I firmly believe any youth can benefit from Scouting and what it has to offer. I firmly believe in the patrol method and that boy-led troops create leadership and learning opportunities not offered in other organizations or sports. In addition, Scouting offers the most educational and life-enriching experiences, for your money, when compared to other organizations and sports. Lastly, Scouting provides scouts the opportunity to learn many life skills they will use throughout their life. As Scoutmaster, I embrace all of these benefits as evidenced through the activities scheduled for the Troop. I highly encourage you to check out Troop 97.

Dr. Carr
Assistant Scoutmaster
Mr. Mason
Assistant Scoutmaster/ Backpacking Outdoor Chairperson

I was a Boy Scout in North Carolina for six years where I developed a love of backpacking and an appreciation for the beauty and quiet of nature. I joined Troop 97 in 2013 with my oldest son because of the friendliness of the older Scouts in the troop and the dependability shown by the boys at the annual Webelos Woods event. As a past Advancement Chair and now Scoutmaster, I have put my effort into organizing backpacking and car camping outings to match the desires of the troop's youth leadership. I believe Scouting provides a rare opportunity for boys to lead and to become comfortable with challenging themselves in ways that will increase their self-confidence in life.

Mr. Phillips
Assistant Scoutmaster & Troop Quartermaster
Mr. Roznowski
Mr. Huber
Committee Chair
Ms. Praitis
Troop Secretary

When my son, Ishaan, was ready to bridge to scouts in 2021, he chose Troop 97 because of their friendliness and the wide range of activities they planned every year.  He and I have enjoyed the backpacking, hiking, mini-golf, bowling, and weekly troop meeting activities.  I have been serving as notetaker for the parent meetings since January of 2022. 

Mr. Klinger
Assistant Scoutmaster